CFM’s can get points toward their re-certification!
Attend a lunch meeting with educational content and receive one point for each hour of education. Certificates will now be available at applicable lunch meetings. Sign and date the certificate, hold it in your folder and when it is time to renew your certification, you will include points on your worksheet and use the certificate for supporting documentation.

Also, earn ½ point just for attending a lunch meeting! Include the meeting notice as supporting documentation and take ½ point on your worksheet for each lunch meeting you attended.


The Certified Facility Manager (CFM) credential sets the industry standard for ensuring the knowledge and abilities of practicing facility managers.

More than ever, recognizing competency and high performance—establishing benchmarks, defining competence and setting performance standards—is vital to the global economy. Never before have the public, employers and government agencies relied as much on certification organizations as they do today. Professional associations are now taking a lead role in developing these credentialing programs, and IFMA’s CFM program was the first in facility management.

IFMA’s certification process is designed to assess competency in the field through work experience, education and the ability to pass a comprehensive exam. Since the program began in 1992, more than 3,500 facility managers from 25 countries have achieved this prestigious recognition.


The CFM Exam is competency-based, testing what a person can do compared to standards that define the practice of facility management. One cannot take a course or a simple knowledge-based exam to earn the credential. IFMA’s competency-based program is at a higher level than a knowledge-based program, reflecting the growing importance of facility management in the international business world.

Recognized Globally

In addition, the CFM is the only global facility management certification available. Every country that chooses to localize the exam must maintain a certain percentage of global questions on their exam; however, they also include a number of regional/local questions, allowing facility managers to practice in their own countries and have the skills and knowledge to practice globally as well. There are currently five different exams available: United States, Canada, European Business English, Dutch and German, with localizations for other countries under way.

Goals of IFMA’s certification program:

Assure professional excellence
Establish standards for global professional practice
Promote the added value of the profession
Influence the future direction of the profession

“Why CFM?”

When you enter a tight job market, what will distinguish you from the crowd? Employers look for leaders and demonstrated skill in an area of practice. Your CFM shows you have the interest and skill in facility management to be the best. It shows you have the tenacity to keep those skills sharp year after year. What better example of leadership than to choose to be the best and advertise it.

When I recently entered the job market after years with the same job, I was very concerned about my marketability. How could I be sure my skills would translate to a new place and were they even still valid in the current market? By becoming a CFM and maintaining the designation, I was forced to update my skills yearly to keep the designation. Without realizing it, I was preparing for the day when a job change became essential.

Where would I be now if I had been forced to find a new job and had not stayed current in my profession? How could I answer a prospective employer’s questions about my education in facility management? What could I offer to separate me from the pack? A CFM is more important than you think!


“Establishing my position as a well-rounded, competent facility management professional is of the utmost importance to my organization. The CFM designation has absolutely increased my credibility with my management team, FM staff and my customer base.”

- Scott S. Tibbo, CFM, Director, Real Estate Advisory Services
Expense Management Solutions Inc., Southborough, Mass.

“You have a great job. Your employer is rock solid. Your last performance rating was excellent and the future looks bright. One day, you go to work and your job no longer exists. It happens easier and faster than you can imagine.”

Contributed by – Christine H. Neldon, CFM, CFMJ, IFMA Fellow
Regional Project Manager for The St Paul. Companies

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